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Federally Required under OSHA 29 CFR 1910.147

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29 CFR 1910.147

This course specifically addresses the OSHA Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout) standard. It is designed to inform and educate employees how to properly lockout and tagout while servicing and maintaining equipment on the job. After successful completion of the course, you will earn your certification in lockout/tagout, and be equipped with the skills necessary to ensure a safer workplace and avoid potential injuries.

Available on any device.

Work anytime, anywhere at your own pace, and when you feel comfortable with the material, you can then take the certification exam. Take it as many times as you’d like until achieving a passing score.

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The Lockout/Tagout training program has been developed to satisfy all requirements nationwide. We help you avoid penalties & injuries by ensuring the highest quality training material available.

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I’ve had to take lockout tagout training at a previous job, but this one is way better. Easy to watch videos and exam wasn’t that hard. Will recommend to other co-workers.

Jaime R.

General Laborer


Toyota’s number one priority is safety. Managing a manufacturing campus of 10,000 employees, OSHA compliance is something we take very seriously. 

Kevin E.

Safety Manager - Toyota

Getting Started is Simple

We’ve made it easy to meet the Federally Mandated requirement 


Enroll your employees or yourself in the training by clicking here


Complete the 1-hour online curriculum and test.


Automatically print Certification & Onsite Evaluation Checklist


The average time for completion is 1 hour for individuals with no previous lockout/tagout experience. Individuals that are familiar with the process typically complete the course in under 45 minutes.

In order to start the process of getting certified: 

  • You must legally be allowed to work in the country where you are employed. That means being a citizen, a permanent resident or a temporary resident with an applicable work visa. 


The requirements to complete certification include: 

  • Completing a formal instructional & educational training class that meets OSHA  standards 
  • Completing a formal evaluation (online or in a classroom) 
  • Presenting the written records of certification to a future or current employer for hands on evaluation, sign-off & approval 

This course satisfies all of the  requirements mandated through the Occupational Safety Health Administration, and provides the written documentation needed to provide to an employer and to OSHA.

After successfully completing the online exam, you will immediately be able to download & print your certification. This document will include your Name, Date of Completion, Certification # and QR Code.

To ensure compliance with controlling worker exposure to hazardous energy, safety training must be conducted whenever there is a change in job assignments, machines, equipment, or processes that present a new hazard. Additional retraining is required when there is a change in energy control procedures, as well as whenever the employer has reason to believe that there are deviations from or inadequacies in the employee’s knowledge or use of the energy control procedures. NOF also recommends retraining every three years.

No, you can take as long as you want to complete the training, and it can be accessed 24/7 on any device.

After you enroll as an organization you will be taken to your dedicated admin dashboard where you can assign the training to each employee. Each individual will then receive an email with their unique credentials so they can login and complete the training. Once complete, each employee’s certification can be accessed from the admin dashboard mentioned above.