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Elevate workplace safety with our comprehensive Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Online Training and Certification. This program equips individuals across various industries with vital knowledge and skills for selecting, using, and maintaining PPE effectively. Earn a recognized certification, demonstrating your commitment to safeguarding health and well-being in the workplace.


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Eula T.
Eula T.
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"Love love love! We were able to enroll our team in less than 20 minutes and the process with smooth and easy. We also had an overall good reception from our employees with some even proposing ideas that they learned from the training to implement in our workplace."
Chris G.
Chris G.
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I thought was going to be some long drawn out training, but ended up being engaging and gave us all some insightful tips and useful practices everyone could take away.

Video Based Training

The training consists of high-quality interactive videos that can be viewed on any device (computer, phone, tablet). These training videos can be watched at your convenience and completed at your own pace.

PPE Training on Phone


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This course is essential for all individuals working in environments where personal protective equipment is required to ensure workplace safety. It is relevant for employees, supervisors, and managers across various industries.

The course covers a comprehensive range of topics, including understanding different types of PPE, proper selection and use of equipment, inspection and maintenance, donning and doffing procedures, and compliance with workplace safety regulations.

The course duration may vary depending on the individual’s pace and learning style. On average, learners complete the course within 1 hour. However, learners have the flexibility to progress at their preferred speed.

Yes, the training videos and course are accessible through computer, tablet and phone.

Yes, a certification is provided upon successful completion of the PPE course. The certification validates the individual’s understanding of PPE principles and their commitment to workplace safety.

There are no specific prerequisites or requirements to enroll in our PPE course. It is open to anyone interested in enhancing their knowledge of personal protective equipment and maintaining workplace safety.

Please call (877) 302-6742 to speak with one of our dedicated corporate account reps. They will be able to generate an estimate & invoice for you.

After you pay you will be taken to your organization’s admin dashboard. This is where you can begin assigning the course to your employees. Each employee will be assigned and send their unique username and password so they can login at their convenience and complete the course. 

As the administrator you will be able to view each employees course progress and completion status. You can download each individuals certificate once they have completed the course. 

You can also leverage the admin dashboard to continue and add new employees as the need arises.